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Our Courses 

LMO is providing aspiring young leaders with the essential
skills to positively impact their community.
Financial Literacy

The Florida Council on Economic Education is a proud affiliate of the The Council for Economic Education.  

Financial Freedom prepares students for future success by teaching them critical life skills to avoid these financial potholes.

Financial Freedom Contents Include:

  • Managing Money

  • Smart Saving

  • Searching for a Job and Earning Income

  • Using Credit Wisely

  • Car Ownership and Financing

  • Reducing Risk and Understanding Insurance

  • Finding a Place to Live

  • Protecting Yourself Online

  • Planning for Higher Education

  • Investing for Your Future


The FHSAA – through the cooperative efforts of its member schools – has provided opportunities for high school students in Florida to participate on a fair and equitable basis in interscholastic athletic programs that produce vital educational benefits. 

FHSAA Certified Referee Training Includes: 

  • 13 Week Extensive Course Training

  • Rules & Regulations 

  • Prep for State Exam 

  • On the Court Training 

  • Membership to West Coast Athletic Association

  • Official Uniform 

  • Lectures, Demonstrations & Exercises

Life Skills

To earn respect, students must learn to treat others the way they want to be treated. With this curriculum, students will learn how to show others respect at school and at work. Students will also learn the importance of self-respect. Students learn the basics needed to consider personal expectations, define goals and understand career requirements and job duties. Students learn decision-making strategies, the importance of self-control, proven-effective conflict resolution strategies, the value of positive self talk, good health habits and so much more. 

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